Tamil Nadu Budget 2013-14 Highlights on 21 March 2013

This article provides you the highlights of Tamilnadu budget for the financial year 2013-14. Finance Minister O Paneerselvam has declared the session. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has paid tribute to the Budget. You can read the available Tamilnadu Budget 2013-14 Highlights online.

Except Chennai all the districts of Tamilnadu have been considered as drought affected areas and hence the land revenue has been cancelled. Those lands for which the grains were made a loss for about 5% Rs.15,000 has been proposed to be given per acre as relief amount.

No action has been taken regarding the Economic downturn and inflation in the Tamilnadu Budget 2013-14. Due to this the service sector has been affected in its growth.

For the financial year 2013-14 it has been estimated for Rs.37,000 crores. Tamilnadu State has been allocated a sum of Rs.2.11 lakhs crores. Additonal sum of amount has been invested for Urban housing projects.It has been told that additional funds will be allocated to power generation and road development. Also additional funds will allocated for the purpose of education, health, nutrition and Social Welfare.

Tamilnadu Police department has been allotted Rs.4706.17crore. Based on that there are 17318 police mans and 1091 to the police commissioners and 1005 Fire and police, 292 were selected for Jail Warden. There are Rs.695 crore has been allocated to the judiciary. In the next 10 year there are 15 crores investment targeted. For entrepreneurs Rs crores allocated. For development of workers Rs 100 crore has been allocated.