Steps to Track Train Current Location Status on Mobile Phone

This article will provide you details about how to Track Train Current Location Status on Mobile Phone. Finding the train current exact location is never easy. That too tracking the status of Train location in normal mobile we have to think is it possible or not. Yes, Its possible now. You can get Train exact location into your mobile phone by just sending one SMS. IIT Kanpur has developed this system, which help the public to get information about real-time train running information system. This system enable the mobile user to get the details about exact train location. You dont need GPRS or GPS /Wi-FI support mobile. You dont need internet connection into your mobile. You just need some account balance into your mobile for sending one single message.

How to get Train Current Location through SMS (Message) ?

The following steps and format will help you to get SMS about Train current location into your cell phone.
1) Take your mobile phone and go to “New Message” where you can type new message in your phone.
2) Type the Train number which you want to track and send it to 09415139139 or 09664139139 . Once you sent the SMS real-time train running information system will send you the exact location of train on real time basis.

Format : <<Train Number>>
Example : 12002
send it to the given mobile number.

Note : As of now this service is available for 36 pairs of premier trains. This facility will be extended to all the major trains in next 18 months.

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    This service really help us to find and track the train current location status.