How to create account in Microsoft Research website

This article will help you to create account in Microsoft Research Website. Before creating account in one website every body used to check what is this website and purpose. Here “” means that “social” its an experimental research project by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs. Once you created account in this website you can express and share your ideas to your friends and public. You can create your rich stories and post, share it to collages of web content. Its not only like stories you can share. You can share what ever you want pictures, message, Video etc.

The next question will come in your mind that who can create account and cost. Its absolutely free to create, You can join by creating new account. You can also sign in with your Facebook account or windows live account. Through SOCL you can express your self, Learn and Share, Socialize, Discover new topics and connect with people. Do you want to try it lets look how to create a account in SOCL (

The following steps will help you to create account in
1) Open website.
2) You can sign in to SOCL through your Facebook account credential or Windows live account username and password.
3) If you don’t have account in Facebook or Windows live, You can create a new account by visiting Windows Live -> Sign up.
4) The next page will take you to sign up page. You can create your account by providing all the required details and can login to the SOCL. But now a days most of us having Facebook account we can use the same username password to login here.

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