WebCombo Web application Project Concept

WebCombo is a program which is cooperative for the web developers as a result of which they can create a helpful tool called combo box which be able to be used for site navigation. If the web visitor selects any input from combo box it redirects them to new link quickly.

The menu displays many groups of link items on or after which you have to choose the link that you want to open. The script be able to be configured by defining the range of groups of links with the intention of the combo will display, then set up corresponding text links to activate each group.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The users have to login with his details.
  2. Once the login is confirmed user can select from the combo box available on the page the required links to connect.
  3. User can add his required link to his favorites list by confirming the web site.
  4. Option to differentiate based on the group to add.
  5. User can browse his favorites immediately from the links available easily so reducing the time to make a note and remember them.
  6. Option to edit the links.
  7. Logout