VITEEE Previous year question papers with answer keys pdf free downloads

You can free download VITEEE Previous year question papers with answer keys in pdf file format. VIT 2011 Entrance exam previous question papers available.

Vellore Institute of Technology entrance examination previous year and model question papers especially for engineering entrance exam. The previous year question paper for VIT engineering entrance examination 2011 (VITEEE) BE, BTech, ME, MTech. The following is the solved question paper for VITEEE 2008. VITEEE 2008 solved question paper with answer key available. You can find the list of VIT entrance exam question papers for the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and  Maths Previous year question paper with solved answer. This VITEEE entrance exam question paper Physics contains 80 questions with answer keys, VIT 2008 Entrance exam question paper for maths contains 40 questions and key for entrance exam questions.In Biology part contains same 40 questions with answer keys.

This pdf file will also provide you chapter-wise distribution of questions for physics, EMD analysis for VITEEE Entrance exam mathematics (maths). You can also find chapter-wise and area wise distribution of questions for Biology.

Find here 2013 Model Question Papers.

You can visit the following link to download VITEEE entrance exam previous years question papers.


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    April 6, 2011 - 11:34 pm | Permalink

    I want last 5 years VIT Engineering entrance question papers. Please tell me how to download it. I want to free download the VITEEE entrance question papers.

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    Nicky agarwal
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    i wanna have the viteee previous year engineering exams question paper for physics chemistry and mathematics

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    how to download Previous years VITEEE maths papers with answers

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    Nayanika Banerjee
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    I am insterested to join in your (VIT) unversity.

    So kindly request to send the 5 years examination question & answer papers of VITEEE

    a) Physics

    b) Chemistry

    c) Biology

    Yours obediently

    Nayanika Banerjee

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    April 15, 2011 - 6:48 pm | Permalink

    hi aruna.i am gowtham preparing for my entrance examination as i have completed my 12th,as u asked we could not get any previous year question papers except amrita

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    as i am completed 12th next i will prepare for vit etrance exam so i will need previous year question papers of physics chemistry biology.

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    i am interest to join in your (vit) university .
    so please send the 5 year question & answer papers of VITEEE
    A) physics
    b) chemistry
    C) maths
    yours obediently

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    we want vit question papers

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    i need last 10 years questions with solutions for m.e(ece)

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    What are the chapters we should focus for viteee 2013?
    what are the expected cutoff marks for getting admission there?

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    Which chapters we should focus to crack viteee 2013 below 5000 rank?
    What is the cutoff marks for the exam?

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    shashank kaushik
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    i am interested to [VIT] university. so please give me your previous 10 year entrance question paper.

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    kartikey sharma
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    please give me viteee 2011,2012 question paper with answer key it will be very kind if send.
    thank you

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    please send me previous 10 year viteee question papers.

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    I want the previous 10 years question papers and solution free download. please suggest me with a suitable place to fulfill my requirements.