Sachin Tendulkar Reliance Celeblog Activation Charge Subscription Plan

This article provides details about Sachin Tendulkar Reliance Celeblog Activation Charge Subscription Plan. Reliance Communications Ltd., India has launched a new innovative service ‘Reliance CeleBlog’ which is a unique platform for cricket lovers. They can closely follow Sachin Tendulkar through this Celeblog feature.

Sachin Tendulkar’s new voice blog will be available in his own voice and now readily accessible to Reliance subscribers nationally. Sachin will be talking on all matters which is interest and close to his heart for both on and off the field with his fans. He will be talking all subjects in his own voice ranging from cricket to politics, family and friends. ‘Reliance CeleBlog’ would be an extraordinary experience to all cricket fans in their life time.

Each time Tendulkar adds a new blog, Reliance will notify its subscriber through an SMS. It comes with a subscription charge of Rs.30 per month, along with a dial-in charge of 75 paise/min.

Every cricket enthusiast who loves to benefit of this opportunity to speak to Sachin Tendulkar can activate the Celeblog service by dialing 56665100.