Reliance Capital Mutual Fund Service via SMS Systematic Investment Plan

People who are looking for Reliance Capital Mutual Fund Service via SMS Systematic Investment Plan can check this article for complete information. Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM) recently launched Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) which help the customers in mutual funds activation through Message. This is first initiative plan which has been introduced by Reliance Capital, you can just send SMS to initiate SIP. Customers also note that you have to send this SMS from your registered mobile number only.

This RCAM SIP activation through SMS new service will help the 900 million mobile customers across the country. To use this Reliance Mutual Fund service through SMS you have to fill one Invest Easy registration form with customer details. Registration form includes debit bank agency facilitate transferring funds from the investor’s bank at the time of process of purchase Reliance Mutual Fund schemes. Once the application process and registration is done registered customer can start to make a purchase like start an SIP, or redeem their units, Each and every process you can do it from your registered mobile number.

Format for starting an SIP investors need to send an message from your registered mobile number to 9664001111. SIP service investor can discontinue at any time, you can also note that default date for installment of SIP is 10th of every month. RCAM already having 2.5 lakh customers in this Invest Easy initiative scheme which allow the investors to process their transaction through internet, mobile call centre. Now you can use this service through SMS Service.