India Mobile Network Free Roaming Services start before October 2013

Do you want to check from when Free Roaming services will start in India ?. We all expecting the most required mobile phone free roaming services in India ? Earlier Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that, free roaming services will start in February 2013 ? We expected but still not implemented. Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said on Thursday, We hope free roaming services in india can be start on or before October 2013. You can check the way to activate mobile phone free roaming services in India.

TRAI issued the consultation paper regarding this and said that, we will try to start the free roaming services before October. The same time Sibal told reporters  on sidelines that, launch of National Internet Registry (NIR). NIR will help to reduce the IP addresses which will help to avoid cost of procuring it. NRI will coordinates the allocation of IP address with other internet resources management function at national level. After launch of the portal Sibal said that, NIR only will not help to reduce cost in procuring IP address, it will help to facilitate faster access to information for government authorities and cyber crime investigators. This portal will promote the activities which is related to research, training and Education.