Google Chrome OS Features Short Boot Time Chrome OS Operating System

Google Chrome OS Features Short Booting Chrome OS Operationg System.

Google Chrome OS Best Features Short Booting Chrome OS Operating System. Google has announced that Chrome OS new operating System that will match the search large in contrast to Microsoft and Linux.
Chrome OS Operating System is to be launched as a trial OS that you can get it by register through online as well as finally it can be  pre-installed on a computer made by major manufacturers(i.e. Samsung and Acer).
Even if the initial pans are designed for trial Programming system that will only available small scale. Google new operaing system Chrome OS offered as a standard option when the customers buy new laptops or personal computers.
Google Chrome OS unique features:
  1. Google Cloud Print : Cloud-based printing by way of Google Cloud Print.
  2. Quick boot time(Startup time) It will take maximum of 60 seconds to launch Chrome OS for the very first time.
  3. 3G Access: By default all Chrome OS ship with 3G built-in.The 3G activation fee in Google Chrome OS free.
  4. Profile Sharing: Chrome OS installed computer can be shared with others and its accessed on other Chrome OS operating system devices through the guest profiles.
  5. Security: More security in Google Chrome OS, Chrome OS  utilize OS-level sandboxing and data encryption.It will keep the device more secure. The sandbox also has the ability to detect malicious code as well as purge itself of the bad code.


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