How to download and install Java, Step by Step Process

This article will answer you the question for How to download and install Java in your personal computer or laptop. You can install Java JDK in any platform like windows, linux, solaris by downloading Java JDK Software into your system.

The JDK is nothing else its Java Development Kit, by using JDK you can compile and run java program into your machine.

Here is the step by step process for downloading and installing Java JDK compiler into your system.

Step 1: First step you need to download Java , JDK compiler. This Java JDK is open source. so you can download it free of cost. You can download Java Software in this following official website link.

Step 2: In this above link you can find one image with link called “Java Download, JDK”. Click on that image or check in that same page one button called “Download JDK” will be there. Press on that button.

Step 3: This page will take you to Java SE Development Kit with version. You can find here one dropdown list called “Platform”. Select your current operation system platform. If you want to install Java JDK in windows choose that option and check the mentioned check box. then press on “Continue”.

Step 4: This page you can find the Java JDK exe file with version. example name  ”jdk-6u24-windows-i586.exe”(76.58 MB). Click on that link it will start to download.

Step 5: Once you downloaded into your local machine. Run that exe file double clicking it or press “Enter” button with that icon.

Step 6: Follow the steps and choose the installation path for both JDK and JRE. Better choose the same path for both. Click on next in most cases finally it will take you to finish page. Then click on “Finish” Button. Now Java JDK sofware is installed in your machine.