Delhi Online Property Registration Official website and Appointment Procedure

This article provide you the details about Delhi Online Property Registration Official website and Appointment Procedure. Property Registration in New Delhi its possible now. People who are living in Delhi and looking for online property registration system, you are into the right place. Delhi Government taken good initiative step that tout-free registration of property first e-sub-registrar office.

This system named as Online Appointment Management System. You can access this Property Online Registration system through Delhi Government Revenue Departments website. This system has successfully launched on 2nd July 2012 Monday.

Do you have any questions like how to access this Property online registration website. Do you want to access Online Appointment Management System through online. Do you want to fix the appointment at sub-registrars office through Internet or through telephone. Once you booked the appointment you will be getting one unique appointment number, date and time.

Online Property Registration in Delhi Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: To access the online Property registration system you have to visit Delhi Revenue Department Website. Do you want the exact website link? The Revenue Department Delhi Government website as follows,

Step 2: You can find one scrolling link name called ” Appointment Management System For e-Sub Registrar Office”, press on that link.

Step 3: The next page will take you to Revenue Department Appointment Management System page.

In that page you have to select District, Sub-Registrar and area followed by select the purpose of Appointment from that available dropdown box.

Note: You can book your appointment for the following list of purpose.
Award, Cancellation of Instruments(GPA, SPA,Will,MORTGAGE), Disclaimer Deed, Exchange of Property, Further Charge, Indemnity Bond, Lease, Mortgage Deed with Co-operative Bank, Partnership, Perpetual Lease, Settlement, Surrender of Lease, Trust Deed, Adoption Deed, Certificate of Sale, Consent Letter, Conveyance, Declaration, Gift Deed, Mortgage , Partition, Rectification Deed, Release/ Relinquishment with consideration, Relinquishment/Release Deed Without Consideration, Sale Agreement, Sale Deed, SPA/GPA/GPA Blood Relation, Transfer of Lease, Trust Immovable, Will.

Step 4: Once you selected the purpose of appointment read the required seven document list on that same page. If all the mentioned documents are ready choose Yes in that dropdown box. The next page will ask you e-Stamp number.

Step 5: Once the process is done you will be getting one unique appointment number, date and time.

Step 6: Visit the office on given appointment date and time and get your work done in same day.

Step 7: Once you reached the office in Reception area computer will verify your unique appointment number and other required details. Once the verification is done you will be given one swipe card.

Step 8: You have to use your swipe card you can enter into hall (Waiting hall). They will call you and verify all the original documents. Then official guided further to complete the work.

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