Servlet Tutorial

Java Servlet Tutorials will help you to learn Servelt concept through online.In this Servlet Tutorials will tell you about History of web application and Concept of Client Server communication and more.

RequestDispatcher in Servlet with Example

The RequestDispatcher object is used to send a client request to any resource  on the server Such a resource may be dynamic (e.g. a Servlet or a JSP file) or static (e.g. a HTML document) To send a request from resource x  to resource y,  we need to create RequestDispatcher Read More..

Session Tracking Mechanism in Java

HTTP is a stateless protocol – All by itself, a request will not tell the server which client is making the request. When it gets a page request, it has no memory of any  previous requests from the same client. This treats as different user. In some cases, a Servlet may Read More..