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Online Project Management Project Concept

Create a complete, web-based enterprise project management application that helps organizations plan, execute and deliver on their entire portfolio of projects. A. Project participants B. Project Coordinators/Visitors C. Company/Others Functionality: 1. It must include a homepage Read More..

Insurance Agent Samurai Project Concept

The Insurance Agent Samurai is a major component in the electronic Systems of Insurance Companies. The Insurance agent’s Samurai is the system meant for insurance agent that helps to automated most of the functionalities in the insurance policy related activities. This system s Read More..

Criminal Detention Portal Project Concept

This project is aimed at developing a Criminal Detention Portal that is a collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prisons. Besides this police and government officials can see crime/criminals reports for their purpose. Functionalities: 1.  Case regist Read More..

Grievence Handling System Project Concept

Functionalities: 1. Admin Services – The Admin Services are some common services like User Authentication, User-Service-Role Mapping and User Management 2. Grievence handling and status reporting to employee 3.  Griveance Manager should resolve the complaint raised by Empl Read More..

Point Of Sale (POS) Project Concept

This project is a very popular and widely used in many big supermarket / departmental stores and is used to cater the need of the sales system there. This is an online system and is used maintain / control most of the activities happening in big stores. Functionalities: 1. Basica Read More..

Pedantry System Project Concept

This project is aimed at developing an online intranet knowledge mgmt system that is of importance to either an organisation or a college. The Pedantry system  is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organisation or a specified group/Dept. This syste Read More..

NTT Banking System Project Concept

This project was developed for NTT Data. The project contains modules namely Registration module, Deposit module, Loan module and Daybook module. I have involved in registration module. The Registration module caters to registered shareholder information, deposit module maintains Read More..

Trade Port Project Concept

Trade Port is a multi-exchange, integrated cash and derivatives order management, order routing and risk management system for brokerage houses and stock exchange intermediaries. Trade Port consists of two front-end applications – TradePort Control Workstation (CWS), Trade Read More..

Trade Flow Manager (TFM) Project Concept

Trade Flow Manager is a system, which validates and enriches the trades that come from various sources. It also checks if an approval is required for the trade. Approval or Rejection can be done through a UI Screen. This system comes into picture before comparison and Reconciliat Read More..

Defect Tracker and Analysier Project Concept

Functionality: Following three tasks can be performed with the application : 1) User Maintenance: Creating, Granting  access and Deleting users from application. This should be done by admin. (2) Component Maintenance : Creating a component (application being developed / enhance Read More..

WebCombo Web application Project Concept

The menu displays many groups of link items on or after which you have to choose the link that you want to open. The script be able to be configured by defining the range of groups of links with the intention of the combo will display, then set up corresponding text links to acti Read More..

The Web Content Management System (Web CMS) Project

Functional Requirements Web CMS helps to create the project folder and many sub folders if required Each Project Folder helps to store web content (i.e. web pages/HTML documents and their associated images) The stored web content can be modified / edited Web content can be dele Read More..