British Columbia Birth Certificate Online Registration

This article is about British Columbia Birth Certificate Online Registration. This system will help the British Columbia parents to register their newborn child birth through online. Birth registration is very important one every B.C. born baby’s must registered with Vital Statistics Agency. If you register within 30 days no fee charged for birth registration. This new electronic birth registration system will help you to make the birth certificate request easier.

As the part of this new electronic birth registration system you can also apply for Canada Childs. There are 44,000 new babies born in British Columbia every year. This new birth registration system really will help the B.C. families to get their work done easier. As per estimation this system will take only 20 minutes to complete the child’s birth registration. Parents are requested to fill the required information carefully while filling the form. You have to provide the basic information like baby’s full name and date of birth, mother’s personal health number, location.

Birth Registration and Certificates Online Steps and Procedure

The following steps will help you to register your new born child birth certification through online.
Step 1: Open Services website.
Step 2: Look into left side of window and click on “Birth Registration and Certificates” link.
Step 3: The next page will take you to birth registration, birth registration services and certificates. To order new birth certificate you have to click “electronic application service” link or “On-line Certificate Ordering” link.
Step 4: The next page will take you to this page. You can read the given instruction in that page and can start to fill your application by clicking “Start” button. Make sure that you have selected “Birth Services” option at the time of registration.

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